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The oil mill

Our small company mill is made up of a latest generation processing system (Mori-Tem Toscana Enologica Mori) where the main objective is cleaning and the absence of oxygen during processing. This allows us to obtain a high quality product.

The plant is divided into:

In the OUTDOOR AREA there are:

- HOPPER / DERAMIFIER / DEFOGLIATORE where, the olives coming from our land, are first cleaned from any branches, soil or leaves

- WASHING MACHINE / DRYER the olives are washed and dried before pressing

- FRANGING by blades, the olives are transformed into pulp and then passed in a refrigeration piping to lower the temperature of the pasta before arriving at the grinding wheels

INTERNAL PART that includes

- VERTICAL GRAMOLE / DECANTER where the pasta is kneaded for about 10 / 15min in the absence of oxygen at low temperatures

- SEPARATOR / FILTER all our oil is filtered immediately after extraction


Our oil is stored in silos under nitrogen in a room with a constant temperature of around 15 ° C.