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For three generations, thanks to its olive oil, the Stallone family has brought to the table the three most important pillars of its philosophy: TRADITION, TASTE & AUTHENTICITY. 
The extra virgin olive oil LE TRE COLONNE was born in Giovinazzo, not far from Bari.
The company has an extension of about 25 hectares which are equipped of an irrigation system that provides to produce correct water requirements during periods of drought. It gives benefits to more than 7000 plants, which are almost all centuries-old. 
They require a daily care to extract the best from varieties like Coratina, Ogliarola, Picholine and other small varieties from our area.  
The very typical and distinguished olive oils are obtained by different cultivars. 
Environment, technology and scrupulous observance of time and processing methods, both during harvesting and processing in the company mill, allow us to get our favourite olive oil, which is characterized by low acidity and high number of polyphenols: a duo of taste and health.


In 2008 the turning point was when the olive oil presented itself to the market with its own  label: LE TRE COLONNE.
For those who live in this area, which is beautiful, the choices that were taken were not simple. Making ends meet with centuries-old olive trees is difficult.
In particular, Coratina is considered to be a “hard” cultivar. It has a late aging and a strong olive oil, particulary bitter and spicy, enough to make it an extra virgin for blending rather than to be presented in purity.
Here is the especially brave challenge of Salvatore Stallone: bottling a CORATINA, which is a single variety, in a market that preferes sweet olive oils. 
The agricultural holding LE TRE COLONNE has succeeded!